What is Atkinson Trading and what do you do?

Good question, we are still unsure.


We create new products to bring to market, be it a 100 part assembly, or an IOT smart thermostat we will help you with every step.


Overseas manufacturing and quality in the same sentence? We ensure quality is achieved at every step.


We have distribution world wide, we can help with fulfillment, customer relations and after sales support.


Starting from a design brief, we can convert your concept into 3D cad, perform structural, fluid, cost analysis.


We can design from scratch, or help mass product your electronic circuits, we have overseas fab houses ready to mobilize using the latest in pick and place technology.


We will create a working prototype of your assembly, it feels great being able to hold your idea in your own hands.


We have machine shops around the world, from low volume 5 axis CNC machining, or mass manufacturing lath work. We can satisfy your needs.


The hottest marketing buzzword, we can connect your existing product / concept to the cloud. We can turn your light on from anywhere in the world.


We will write the code behind your idea, we speak many languages

Founded in 2016 Atkinson Trading is a company that converts ideas into reality, we have a strong passion for detail with a focus on price performance and on time delivery.

Atkinson Trading can help you in a number of ways, no matter what step your are at with your concept, from design to manufacturing, from electronics to programming we can help you deliver. 

We have a number of overseas partners we work with on a regular basis.

We specialize in overseas manufacturing, we can help you have your product manufactured using the latest in machining techniques with a focus on quality whist still benefiting from the cost savings experienced with overseas manufacturing.

We would love to hear from you, feel free to contact us using the contact form below.

Some kind words from our clients
Simone McKenzie

Simone McKenzie

Business Owner

"We have no regrets! We used Atkinson Trading to help develop our prototype from breadboard to a polished marketable product"

Alexander Nilsson

Alexander Nilsson

Cloud Network Engineer

"We needed help converting our idea into a working product, we had a concept but nothing more. Atkinson Trading helped us develop a touchscreen interface for a current system we market"

C02 Laser Power Meter

C02 Laser Power Meter


"We had an idea, we had a prototype, we were ready to start manufacturing. Atkinson Trading helped us with overseas manufacturing. We now have a mass marketable product"


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